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**Clearance** Jovi Liquid Poster Paint Bottle Assorted Colours - 250 ml/ 500 ml
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Liquid Poster Paint

Carry on painting! With liquid poster paint you can't stop. Its

Carry on painting! With liquid poster paint you can't stop. Its incredible colours invite you to be creative. What's more, they allow you to personalise the colour tones as they mix together perfectly.

On paper, card, wood, fabric, clay, modelling dough... Your results are always fantastic when they are applied using a paintbrush, roller, spatula or sponge!

Advantages of use


Flows smoothly.


Easily mixed with other colours.


Dries quickly and is very economical.


Recommended for children aged three upwards.


Bright, quality colours.


High covering power.


Ready to use.


Very good adhesion to most surfaces.


Water based poster paint.


Application Techniques

1. Splash painting

Splashing a painting with a toothbrush is an effective way of creating texture.

To obtain bigger splashes you can use a round paintbrush dipped in plenty of paint which can be tapped firmly against the handle of another paintbrush or with the fingers.

2. Printing with sponges

Apply the liquid tempera to different-shaped sponges directly from a palette containing a mixture of the chosen colour.

Then press the sponge onto a surface, like a stamp, to leave its imprint. Rinse the sponge out before the paint dries to remove any paint residue.

3. Painting with three colours

A great variety of colours can be achieved by using blue, carmine and yellow and mixing them together.