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  • Sizes available: 8mm, 10mm,15mm, and 20mm
  • Colour Available: Pink Blue, Black, Green, Black
  • Use this googly eye to add the finishing touches to any crazy characters you create
  • Can apply these to paper, card, or plain, wooden templates
  • Suitable for art and craft projects

- A3 Size (29.7 x 42 cm)
- Thickness 135/165 & 200 gsm
- Bleedproof paper: Good at separating water based paint.
- Provides a smooth finish for drawing/painting in any media
- Acid free paper: prevent fading and yellowing over time
- Expert grade hot pressed paper
- Easy to digitize by photograph or scan
- Won't buckle up or warp when used with variety of media


- Can be used on any surfaces such as canvas, fabric, wood, paper, polymer clay, air dry clay and etc.
- Has a great range of color that is brilliant.
- Suit to amatuer, student, beginner or intermediate grade

- Process a series of advantages such as brilliant shade, good dryness, and stability, excellent air permeability,         strong adhesive power, good water resistance, not easy to fade, etc.
- Also can be used as a medium for the craft and decoration.
- Fine quality acrylic paint at an excellent price.

Healthy and environmentally friendly

- Safe and non-toxic


- Smooth, fast-drying, contains quality pigments
- Vibrant colour and lightfast
- 75 ml per bottle
- Non-toxic
- Can be used on any surfaces such as canvas, fabric, wood, paper, polymer clay, air dry clay and etc.
- Corrosion resistance
- Suit to the student, beginner, intermediate grade

  • - Great for artworks, painting, crafts and for intermediate professionals.
  • - Suitable for acrylic and oil painting.
  • - 100% pure cotton
  • - Frame Height: 15mm, Back stapled
  • - Acid Free
  • - Rectangle  Shape
  • - Cotton 280gsm
  • - Frame Height: 15mm
  • - Size availables: 40x50cm, 50x70cm, 60x90cm
  • High quality carbon copy graphite tracing paper
  • Size: 22cm x 33.5cm 
  • 20 sheets per pack
  • Works on original wood, canvas, metal, paper, glass, cardboard, ceramic, tiles, clay etc
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Dark ink creates sharp and clear drawings
  • The ink does not bleed or get smudged which keeps your hands clean for a neat drawing experience
  • Ink is easy to erase using a kneaded eraser